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iPad Mini Transformers & Fishnet & Folded Lightweight Colorful Cover Case with Shock Absorbing Design (Rose Red, Fishnet)

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Description :

Main Features:

We value a lot of our customers and want you to be 100% satisfied with our product, so we will try our best to achieve that goal.

We appreciate your reviews! However, if you have any issues with our product or service, please give us a chance to review it

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Item Details:

·Exterior Dimensions:20×15×1cm;

·Interior Dimensions:20×15×2cm;


·Designed by i-smart,supporting Original.

Please Note:

·iPad not included;

·For product feature reference only.Actual color may vary.

Would you like a battery case?
onclick="'')">for iPhone 5

OrFor iPhone 4

The iPad Mini Cover Case is thin, stylish and durable helping you keep your New Apple iPad well protected and free from scratches, scuffs and damage

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